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20th Massachusetts Volunteers


PARENTS: Joseph and Petronella Steffens (nee Schmitz)


RESIDENCE- 1852-1861: Suffolk St., Boston, Mass.

CHURCH: Holy Trinity Church, Boston, Mass.

OCCUPATION: Brass finisher

MUSTERED IN SERVICE: Readville, Mass. July 1861

CAMPAIGNS: Ball's Bluff, Yorktown, West Point, Fair Oaks, Peach Orchard, Savage's Station, Glendale, Malvern Hill, Chantilly, Antietam, Fredericksburg.

KILLED IN BATTLE: December 11, 1862, during gallant charge of the 20th Mass. in the streets of Fredericksburg, Virginia.

EPITAPH: Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain (later the hero of Gettysburg), referring to the unusual occurrence of "Northern lights" on the night following the battle, said this of the Union dead at Fredericksburg:
" Who would not pass on as they did- dead for their country's life- and lighted to burial by the meteor splendour of their native skies."

Steffens Family History

Descendants of 20th Massachusetts soldiers


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